About Rachel

Aspiring wiener.
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Graduation pictures or Oscar Mayer commercial shoot?

Welcome! My name is Rachel Elise Katz and I’m a Jewish woman composed of all things comedy and also well-done brisket.

Currently, I work in Los Angeles on Jimmy Kimmel Live! I assist with all administrative tasks relating from the network and ABC side to the production side of the show.

Recently, I was a production assistant to Las Vegas Headliner, Piff the Magic Dragon. I assisted with all aspects of production for live and virtual shows. These tasks include script writing, managing all show props, running the technical side of shows, live show managing, sometimes even emceeing virtual shows and other various duties.

One of my other recent work experiences includes being an assistant to two comedy touring agents at ICM Partners in Los Angeles, CA. My main tasks included drafting offers to send to clients, planning and executing shows all across the globe, speaking with clients and buyers to confirm show deal points, scheduling meetings, occasionally overhearing conversations with Rob Schneider, and other assistant related duties.

In my leftover time, I am part of a comedy duo where we host a podcast called “Steph & Rach Aren’t Funny” We also perform and write sketches. Two Jews writing and performing comedy, it’s definitely original.

If you read this whole thing, I applaud you. My dad didn’t even finish reading it.

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