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Aspiring wiener.
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Graduation pictures or Oscar Mayer commercial shoot?

Welcome to my site! My name is Rachel Elise Katz and I’m a writer of all things comedy and news. I have a B.A. in Journalism & a B.A. in criminal justice from the University of Nevada, Reno. My most recent professional experiences focus in print and broadcast journalism, the entertainment industry, and working as a paralegal. I’ve also worked in the seafood department of Whole Foods if that interests you.

My journalism work experience includes being a reporter for a newspaper (The Laguna Beach Independent) and multiple online news organizations, editing and producing videos for freelance clients, and anchoring news broadcast shows at my university.

I am an experienced paralegal and legal assistant, which involved handling, drafting and filing all legal documents in family law, scheduling meetings and appointments for two lawyers, and handling all proceedings and paperwork for upwards of 75 active cases at one time.

One of my most recent work experiences was being an assistant to two comedy touring agents at a talent agency in Los Angeles, CA. My main tasks included drafting offers to send to clients, planning and executing shows all across the globe, speaking with clients and buyers to confirm show deal points, keeping track of over 60 clients’ engagements, scheduling meetings for two touring agents, occasionally overhearing conversations with Rob Schneider, and other assistant related duties.

I am also an experienced comedian with performing stand up comedy, writing and performing sketch comedy, satirical article writing, and script writing. I also host a podcast available on Apple Podcasts called “Steph & Rach Aren’t Funny” with currently 640 listens.

Currently, I’m working in entertainment as a part-time assistant to a comedian but will continue to pursue any opportunities related to the entertainment industry and/or broadcast and print news.

I am open to any and all inquiries! If you read this whole thing, I applaud you. My dad didn’t even finish reading it.

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