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I have been practicing comedy since high school, when I was voted our senior class clown. It only goes up from there.

Currently I am part of a comedy duo with one of my best friends from the comedy club I started while in college. Here is an example of a sketch we wrote and produced together:

At the Second City in Hollywood, CA I was a part of two writing intensive classes “Online Satirical Writing” and “Writing for Late Night Television & Talk Shows” in 2016. After I took those courses, I decided to start The Wolf Pack Comedy Club at the University of Nevada, Reno. As the president of the club from 2016-2018, we held several stand up and sketch variety shows, were invited to perform in the sketch competition “Sketchella” at USC where I wrote and performed in the majority of our sketches, and I was able to host numerous on campus events as the emcee/comedic host. I also won university homecoming queen in 2016 by performing comedy. Not sure what that qualifies me for but I’ll do anything to bring it up.

Since college I have continued to perform stand up as well as write and perform sketches for the internet, including my “Great Jewish Baking Show” on my YouTube channel. As a writer, I have written and developed my own pilot series.

The Great Jewish Baking Show Episode 1: Cheesecake

My best friend and comedy writing partner and I co-host a podcast, “Steph & Rach Aren’t Funny” available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms.

"Absolutely Anyone" Episode 7: 2 Dudes, 1 Cup and a Phone I Dropped in the Toilet STEPH & RACH AREN'T FUNNY

You don't need context for this one. If you were 13 in 2009, this one is for you. Also this podcast is really for anyone with a sense of humor and just in need of a good laugh and good company. Tune in!!  Music: Switch Me On by Shane Overs – https// — Support this podcast:
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I am open to all comedic performance, satirical writing, and script developing and writing inquiries.

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